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What is SEO?  |  Why D-Zone Design for SEO?  |  Search Engine Optimization Process
What is SEO ?
SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. SEO is a method of internet marketing which helps your website to get higher search engine rankings through various search engines and directories. Website optimization for search engines collects huge benefits to your website and your business.

Why D-Zone Design for Search Engine Optimization?
Statistics show that 90% of all website traffic comes from search engines and directories. If your website can not be found in search engines or directories with most relevant keywords or key phrases, your website is highly needed to get optimized by a professional SEO company. Remember if people can’t find your site, they can’t give business to you.

Our internet marketing services ensures a high return on investment by achieving maximum visibility for your website within major search engines including Google, MSN & Yahoo!. There is a combination of art and science to rank your website in search engines with most searchable keywords related to your business.
We guarantee your satisfaction by our SEO services. D-Zone design is the Most Effective and Affordable Search Engine optimization Service providing company in India. We provide proven internet marketing services using only SEO ethical techniques.


Search Engine Optimization Process :
Convinced to optimize your site??
Kindly read the following SEO Services we provide for your website:

Optimization of Title Tag :
Title tags are the words that appear at the very top of your web browser, and they tell the search engine what the page is about. Search engines read about 60-70 characters in your Title Tag. For search engine ranking in most surfed search engines as google and Yahoo title tag plays an important part for which most often searched keywords should be placed according to the webpage.

Meta Description Optimization :
Description Tag gives a short and concise summary of your web page content. The words placed in this Meta Tag, are often used in the search engines result pages (SERP), just below the Title Tag as a brief description of your page. In the Search Engine Results Pages, after reading the Title, a user usually studies the description of the page and decides whether he or she wants to visit your site or not.

Key Word Optimization / Key Phrase optimization :
Finding and targeting the right keywords that people actually use to find your products or services is essential to attract the right traffic and performing well on the search engines. Target the wrong keyword and all your efforts are in vain.
Our keyword analysis will not only tell you which key phrases to target, but will tell you how many times that phrase will likely be used on the search engines and how many other sites are competing for that phrase.

Pre Optimization Reports :
Pre optimization report is also known as a post optimization report which consists of the previous condition of your website before opting to SEO services. The former one is for all the key words you finalized before optimizing and the latter is to record the changes after optimization.

Website Analysis :
It is necessary to have an appreciation of how a single website relates to the World Wide Web for effective search engine optimization. Website Structure Analysis actually means website architecture. It is an approach to the design and planning of websites which involves certain criteria like technical, aesthetic and functional. The main focus is on the user and user requirements in designing a structure of the website. Attention is primarily given to the web content, usability, interaction design, information and web design.

Link Optimization through Sitemap :
Sitemap helps the search engines to find all the pages of your website on one page. We construct a site map and other navigational links for your website to make sure that all of your pages are found by search engine spiders.

Search Engine Submission :
Search engine submission is a step included in the complete process of internet marketing which is needed for web promotion. Our professional SEO service is designed for a complete submission of your website across the web. After completing offline optimization procedure we submit your website to all leading search engines that handles 95% of internet searches. We will submit your website to more than 120 search engines including the major ones like Google which is powering AOL and Netscape and Yahoo which is powering Altavista and Alltheweb.

Web Directory Submission :
Submitting your website to carefully selected position directories including country specific directory as well as product specific directory is one of the most effective ways for web promotion. Though traffic from web directories is negligible, back link boost resulting from directories will increase a site's search engine ranking a lot.

Search Engine Marketing :
Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). It’s a internet marketing service which includes submitting your website to all leading search engines, country specific search engines as well as pay per click program and managing trade leads.

Recurring Tasks :
These tasks are carried out to keep your site updated with the changing trends in the field of search engine optimization. You should also make sure that the search engines keep indexing your site and rank them well.

Due to our professional SEO services, constant update on research and technology by our expert SEO team you will get an opportunity to expand your products of services globally.

In addition to SEO, we also provide internet marketing services as PPC advertising campaign, blog optimization, search engine friendly website, local search engine marketing as well as international web marketing.

If you are ready to find out how we can improve your web site ranking to expand your business, feel free to contact us any time.

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